Tax and Financial Management

An important consideration in the process of Financial Planning and Advice is the financial (cash-flow) impact that the solution will have on the client. The Wealth Management process will not be successful if the solution that is implemented puts the client’s cash-flow under pressure.

Our Philosophy is based on absolute trust and transparency, and therefore we put the client in a position where he/she not only understands the implemented solution, but is also comfortable with the impact that it will have on his/her monthly expenditure.

It will be to the clients’ detriment if the solution is not balanced between needs and cash-flow ability, and we aim to put them in a position that will not have a negative impact on their monthly cash-flow.

Tax is a daily reality, and almost all our activities involve some sort of tax liability. Because of this reality, it is important to ensure that the advice we offer and the implementation thereof is tax efficient. Tax complications can greatly reduce the value of advice, and we make sure that we implement the most tax efficient solutions to maximise the value of our advice.