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Returning to South Africa – Financial Planning explained

Personal Financial planning, and financial responsibility is one fo the greatest goals of all of us. To be truly financially independent, and have your financial ducks in a row, is not just a goal to strive to, but also an enormous challenge. There is a magnitude of challenges facing each of us financially, and trying to…

Financial Planning in South Africa – The Importance of the initial appointment

In my previous article, Returning to South Africa – Financial Planning explained, I mentioned the 6 steps of financial planning in South Africa. These steps were researched and implemented by the FPI as a guideline and methodology for advisers. The thinking behind these steps was to ensure that the clients’ needs are always held as…

The Financial Needs Analysis – Estate Planning and Wills

I have focussed on how the adviser and his resultant advice must always be centered around your unique objectives and circumstances, and the importance of a Financial needs analysis (FNA). As I mentioned previously, the fundamentals of a holistic FNA are as follows: Estate planning, which includes estate liquidity, debt provision, capital provision and wills…

Retirement Reform: How will it affect you?

With a very small percentage of South Africans able to support themselves financially in retirement, Treasury has been taking a thorough look at retirement savings, trying to figure out how to manage this alarming problem. Several discussion documents have been released for comment, with a further paper made public alongside the 2013 Budget Speech. Through consultation and debate with various groups, including the financial services industry,…

Understanding Equity investing terminology

Equity markets have been the place to be during the first half of the year. But that doesn’t mean you should just leap in now. Instead, we recommend you arm yourself with what you need to know before investing in this often volatile, but ultimately financially rewarding, asset class. Download document

Transfers between different Retirement Funds

This article from Momentum’s ASAP will summarise the most common transfers that take place between retirement funds on the resignation of a member from an existing retirement fund. It will also highlight the tax consequences of the transfers. Download article

Learning from the Lessons of Time

Staying focused despite the day-to-day distractions of the market is never easy, especially during periods of great economic uncertainty. However, investors who seek the guidance of a trusted financial advisor and remain committed to their investment plans, even when it’s tempting to head to the sidelines, are better positioned to realize their short- and long-term…
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