Estate Planning And Trusts

At SchonbergTrust, we view an in-depth estate plan as the backbone of successful Wealth Management. An estate analysis will give a client the opportunity to have an up to date view of his financial position at his or his spouse’s death, and will put him in a position to plan the way forward. This will ensure that his dependants are provided for and his wealth managed according to his wishes.

Our Wealth Management advice process is centred on the estate plan and this process adds hugely to the value of the advice that we offer. We use the latest technology and financial planning systems which ensure that our advice is up to date and relevant. We continuously work with our clients to ensure that their plan is kept up to date and in line with their expressed wishes.

The use of trusts has long been a method of advice in respect of estate planning. We can provide an audit of a client’s existing trust, as well as advice on and assistance with the use and setting up of new trust structures.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our advice, and by focusing our planning efforts around the estate plan, we place our client in a position of security and peace of mind.