Category II Licence

SchonbergTrust is the proud owner of a Category II licence as conferred by the Financial Services Board. Accordingly, we can manage a client’s investment with full discretion as regards the composition and the underlying unit trust funds. SchonbergTrust can therefore be appointed as investment manager with full confidence that a specific investment will be managed in correlation with the client’s preference, needs and circumstances.

Category II is a much sought after licence in the industry which is only obtained through compliance with rigorous requirements regarding knowledge, experience, skill and and personal integrity. This corroborates the values that underline SchonbergTrust’s work ethics - the client’s interests are protected at all times with responsibility and and loyalty.

This licence is hugely convenient to our clients - after a once-off appointment of SchonbergTrust as investment manager, no further input is required by the client unless he personally prefers it. In addition, we regularly provide feedback to our clients regarding the state of their investments in as much detail as they prefer.