Asset Management & Investments

It is of utmost importance that clients understand the various elements that determine not only the type of investment we recommend, but also the expected return they may receive.

The type of investment that we recommend will be influenced by the client’s unique personality, his circumstances, and most importantly, his requirements. It is critical that he not only understands the investment vehicle in its entirety, but also commit to the investment outcome and its requirements.

We understand that decisions regarding our client’s finances are both a systematic one, as well as an emotional one. It is for this reason that we focus our efforts on the client’s unique profile, to ensure that all aspects combine and commit to the Wealth Management process.

At SchonbergTrust, we have access to all major role players and product providers in the South African financial market. We are therefore able to provide our clients with the best and up to date solutions.We provide an on-going service to them that makes available information about market trends and information relevant to their situation and solution. Our service enables our clients to have regular contact with us and ensures that they understand their investment portfolio. As highlighted in “Our Philosophy”, we aim to build a long term and value-added relationship with our clients. The importance of regular feedback and review of the entire Wealth Management solution is critical.

It is critical to manage down costs and to ensure that the relevant investment vehicle is tax efficient in order to generate the best possible return. We are completely transparent in all our dealings with our clients to enable them to make informed and clear decisions.